Professional Russian-English Interpreter in London

Professional Russian Interpreter in London

The Russian-English Interpreters team has professional Russian-English interpreters in London, the UK, and Europe. We provide English-Russian & Russian-English simultaneous and consecutive interpretations. We specialize in legislative, medical, financial, and corporate translation. Thus, working as an interpreter for many years in London and across Europe, we cover various subjects for many industries. 

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At a Russian-English interpreting company, we maintain a digital Russian-English Interpreter profile on Google business. Therefore, we kindly ask our clients for reviews of work where possible. Would you require an interpreter who can assist with various business tasks? Please do not hesitate to contact us? As a result, our specialist has a business background and can combine interpreting assignments with additional tasks benefiting your business.

Clients Testimonials: 

Gregory Tyson: “Professional, articulate Russian-English interpreter. She assisted with business financial interpreting in London at a high level. Oxana was helpful and punctual in interpreting for half a day in the City. Everything ran smoothly, and all went as expected.”

Christopher Borde: “I used Oxana on a couple of occasions. Her work has been outstanding both times. She speaks great English and is well up-to-date with the latest idioms. She is easy going and pleasant to work with…”


What I offer as a professional Russian-English Interpreter in London :

I provide whisper interpreting as well as telephone interpreting and translation services. I know the nuances of British English and American English, and consider this when I work for Russian-speaking clients. Please, do not hesitate to contact me for ordering my services. I am available in London for commercial companies, public services, agencies and private individuals.


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