At our language services company, we understand the importance of clear communication in the pharmaceutical industry. That’s why we offer expert Russian-English medical interpreters and translators to ensure seamless communication between healthcare professionals and patients. Our professionally trained interpreters are well-versed in medical terminology and have extensive experience working at pharmaceutical exhibitions across Europe. And if you’re looking to represent your company at the Pharmacy Expo, our professional Russian-English interpreters can help. They’ll provide top-notch interpreting and representation services, helping you make the most of your time at the event. Contact us today to learn more about our language services and how we can help you break down language barriers in the pharmaceutical industry.

You’re planning on attending the i-Pharma 2023 conference and need a reliable Russian-English interpreter and assistant

Pharma and healthcare professionals from the US and Europe gather every year at the i- Pharma Expo and Conference. Hundreds of world-renowned researchers, industry leaders, and business personalities are expected to attend i- Pharma 2023.

The i-Pharma 2023 event is a highly anticipated gathering of industry leaders in the pharmaceutical field. With keynote speakers, workshops, and panel discussions, attendees will learn about advances in drug development, clinical trials, and regulatory affairs. The event will cover exciting topics like AI and machine learning in drug development, personalized medicine, and traditional aspects of drug development like formulation and manufacturing. The event aims to provide attendees with a deeper understanding of the challenges of the pharmaceutical industry. Overall, i-Pharma 2023 is a must-attend event for pharmaceutical professionals.

With my expertise in both languages, I can help you effectively communicate with Russian speakers at the conference and gain a deeper understanding of the latest developments in the pharmaceutical industry. As your interpreter and assistant, I can provide you with the linguistic support you need to make the most of your time at the conference, including assisting with networking, scheduling meetings, and navigating cultural nuances. Don’t let language barriers hinder your ability to fully engage with the conference – contact me today to learn more about my Russian-English interpreting and assistant services for i-Pharma 2023.

Russian-English – French interpreter in Geneva
Simultaneous and consecutive interpreter

The rate for an 8-hour working day for a consecutive interpreter in Moscow starts at 15 000 rubbles. The cost of an interpreter can vary in other towns and cities across Russia. It is also can increase due to the complexity and intensity of work.

The event takes place in December from 03-06 of December 2018 at the Expocentre in Moscow, Russia. Various international medical companies bring their products and medicines to Russia, including homoeopathy, physiotherapy, pharmaceutical materials, diagnostic tests, chemical reagents, laboratory diagnostic equipment, and more. Please, contact us at [email protected] if you require Medical and Pharmaceutical Translators or Interpreters for a Trade Show in Moscow. interpreters for healthcare and pharma interpreters for healthcare and pharma

We are Healthcare/Pharma translation experts from Russian into English and vice versa.  Our interpreters and translators are highly skilled in Pharma and Medical areas, some of which are listed below:

Russian English Interpreter for Pharmacy expo

At our language services company, we offer professional translation services for CIOMS (Council for International Organizations of Medical Sciences), SAE (Serious Adverse Event), SUSAR (Suspected Unexpected Serious Adverse Reaction) forms, and hospital reports from English into Russian. We understand the importance of accurate and timely adverse event reporting, and our team of expert translators is well-equipped to handle the technical terminology and complex regulatory requirements involved in these documents.

Our translation process includes careful review and editing by native Russian speakers with medical and pharmaceutical expertise, ensuring that the translations are not only accurate but also culturally appropriate. We also understand the sensitive nature of adverse event reporting and the importance of confidentiality, so we ensure that all translations are kept strictly confidential.

Whether you need CIOMS/SAE/SUSAR forms or hospital reports translated, we’re here to help.

Contact us today to learn more about our translation services and how we can assist with your adverse event reporting needs.

The rates charged by our medical translation service providers can vary depending on various factors such as the type of document, the length of the document, the complexity of the language, and the expertise required. That being said, our professional translation service may charge by the word or by the hour, with rates typically ranging from $0.10 to $0.30 per word or $30 to $100 per hour, depending on the language pair required.

  • Pharmacovigilance meetings interpreting from Russian into English
  • Regulatory correspondence & audit documentation
  • Clinical trial documentation translation from Russian into English

  • Medical study protocols
  • Product profiles & data sheets, SPCs/PILs
  • Labels, inserts, instructions & manuals
  • Clinical trial recruitment materials
  • Physician & patient questionnaires
  • Physician & patient recorded interviews
  • Quantitative qualitative medical surveys translation from English into Russian

If you bring your medical and pharmaceutical equipment to Moscow, you need to translate some marketing brochures in advance. We would be happy to work on Russian English translation of your Brand concepts and Scientific publications.

Russian English translation of your Medical Brand concept
Russian English translation of your Medical Brand concept

SAR & SOP procedures

Медицинский перевод, синхронный перевод c английского языка

Устный гида – переводчика в Москве

Russian-English Medical Translations and Interpreters in London
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