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Why will Russian translation demand be high in 2023? For trade, international relations, and diplomacy, Russian is one of the most in-demand languages. Our team of interpreters and translators offers competitive rates for English to Russian, plus Russian to Arabic and other Russian language combinations. The company provides simultaneous and consecutive interpretation services throughout Europe, the United Kingdom, and the Middle East. Here we publish Russian language translation and Interpreting rates.

Our interpreters travel to work across European cities and the UK, for example to London, Geneva, Zurich and Paris.

We are pleased to offer you our professional interpreting services for your upcoming conferences and international events. Our team of experienced interpreters has a complete command of both English and Russian language, including specialized vocabulary, idioms, and colloquialisms, ensuring seamless communication between parties.

Our rates for English-Russian language translation and interpreting are highly competitive, and we are able to provide our services at short notice throughout Europe. However, if you require an interpreter in a remote town, we kindly request that you contact us in advance to make necessary arrangements. We understand that travel logistics can sometimes be complex, but with sufficient notice, we can ensure that everything runs smoothly.

Russian language face to face interpreter rate for Dubai where we offer translations from Russian to Arabic and from Russian to English.

Usually, a Russian-English qualified consecutive interpreter has to earn at least €300 per day.  This quote stands for consecutive oral translations for a small group of people. Besides, interpreting is an intensive mind work and thus, a professional interpreter would need some breaks in interpreting time. Therefore, if you need a simultaneous interpreter for a conference, the rate starts from €500 per day.

As already mentioned above, It is important to understand that conference translation is highly intensive work. In case if you are looking for a professional interpreter for a lengthy event, you might need to hire two people. These two interpreters will change each other every 30 minutes. In addition, you would need a set of equipment connecting the audience and interpreters both.

Below, we publish Rates for English-Russian language translation and Interpreting
 Russian-English Language Pair 
rates per word
Interpreting per hour
 StandardMinimumStandardPer hour minimum 
English – Russian translation  0.15/wordEuro0.10/word40/hour35/hour

As part of Russian-English Translation Services, we offer specialised interpreting in various cities across Europe, including the U.K. and Switzerland.  As a part of the language services, we provide the following :

  • Russian – English Translator for the Film and TV industry
  • English – Russian language Translator for any industry, including specialised projects
  • Interpreting in Europe from Russian into the English language
  • Online Russian – English translation
  • Translation of documents
  • Phone Interpreting from the Russian language into the English language
  • Legal Russian-English Interpreter
  • Simultaneous interpreting for conferences in Europe
  • Consecutive Russian – English Interpreting
  • Business Interpreter
  • Medical Russian-English Interpreter
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