London based Personal Assistant, English-Russian speaking

As a bilingual Personal Assistant fluent in both English and Russian, with Russian as my native language, I am available for hire in the UK for both business and personal assistance. I offer dedicated support to management teams or CEOs, demonstrating a strong commitment and motivation to facilitate your operations. My services can be availed on a daily basis at a rate of £350. Please feel free to reach out if you need a reliable and efficient Personal Assistant.

Types of assistance in London:

Salary is negotiable and depends on time, tasks and urgency starting from £250/day. Languages: English, Russian.

Bilingual Personal Assistant in London

Multilingual Executive Assistant with Russian and English in London. I offer real-time linguistic support in meetings and negotiations, guaranteeing full understanding and avoiding misinterpretations.
Multilingual Executive Assistant with Russian and English in London

In-person interpretation

I specialize in offering face-to-face and in-person Russian-English translation and interpretation services, tailored specifically for business meetings and professional engagements. My expertise extends to facilitating clear and accurate communication during high-stakes negotiations, collaborative sessions, international conferences, and any other setting where precise language assistance is crucial. Whether it’s a boardroom discussion, partnership negotiations, or any other professional gathering requiring seamless bilingual communication, I provide the necessary support to ensure your meetings are conducted smoothly and effectively.

  • Bilingual Personal Assistant
  • Business meeting facilitation
  • Professional engagements
  • High-stakes negotiations
  • International conferences
  • Seamless bilingual communication
  • Boardroom discussion support
  • Partnership negotiations assistance

In London, a global business and cultural hub, a Bilingual Personal Assistant specializing in English-Russian translation and in-person interpretation is crucial for bridging communication gaps.

Boardroom Discussion Support in England:

We prepare and translate presentation materials and provide live interpretation during board meetings, engaging all members fully.

Here’s what we offer:

  • Bilingual Personal Assistant: They manage schedules and correspondence, handling language nuances to ensure smooth personal and professional interactions in both English and Russian. They are invaluable for expatriates or businesses in London navigating local and international landscapes.
  • English-Russian Translation: They accurately translate a variety of documents, including legal contracts, business proposals, technical manuals, and marketing materials, ensuring cultural appropriateness.
  • In-person Interpretation: They offer real-time linguistic support in meetings and negotiations, guaranteeing full understanding and avoiding misinterpretations.
  • Business Meeting Facilitation: They handle linguistic aspects to ensure meetings run smoothly, including preparing bilingual materials and summaries.
  • Professional Engagements: They enhance interactions with clients, partners, and stakeholders, benefiting settings like trade shows where clear communication can forge significant business relationships.
  • High-stakes Negotiations: They provide accurate translations in critical negotiations, ensuring all parties’ offers and conditions are clear, vital for successful outcomes.
  • International Conferences: They make global forums accessible for Russian-speaking participants by translating speeches and providing interpretation.
  • Seamless Bilingual Communication: They remove language barriers in business operations and enhance communication within multicultural teams.
  • Partnership Negotiations Assistance: They offer linguistic and cultural insights in establishing and maintaining international partnerships, enhancing mutual understanding and cooperation.

In London, a Bilingual Personal Assistant with English-Russian expertise is an asset for thriving in a global setting, facilitating communication and fostering cultural understanding for successful cross-border collaborations.

Visit us at for a comprehensive range of bilingual services. Our offerings include:

  • Dynamic Translation: Fast and accurate document translation from English to Russian and vice versa, catering to all your business and personal needs.
  • Live Interpretation: Real-time language support for meetings, negotiations, and events, ensuring seamless communication.
  • Cultural Mediation: Bridging cultural differences to facilitate smoother interactions in professional settings.
  • Event Facilitation: Expert coordination for international conferences and business gatherings, with a focus on linguistic accuracy and cultural sensitivity.

Our services are designed to make every interaction more efficient, clear, and culturally informed. Let us help you navigate the complexities of international communication with ease.

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