Subtitles translation for a feature film or a documentary

Russian <> English subtitles translation for a feature film or a documentary requires a unique technique. First, it involves defining time codes, the exact in and out times of each subtitle which stands for a scene or a dialogue. Then if necessary, the translator needs to shorten the length of the text in one of the languages. In most cases, the Russian version is more extended than the English and thus needs to be reduced according to the time code.


Subtitles translation for a feature film or a documentary

Therefore, an interpreter accurately checks the reading time and makes it suitable for subtitles overlay. Russian-English translation of subtitles requires efficiency and attention to detail, and consideration of local dialects and phrases. Translation from English to Russian for a video story, a news report, or a scientific documentary is a complex work. Therefore, it is not a machine translation only. A human professional interpreter is proofreading and editing the text.

Russian into English subtitles translation for a feature film or a documentary

I am fluent in Russian and English languages and can perform various responsibilities as a Client Relationship Manager. I am a dynamic and efficient Russian/ English speaking Executive Assistant.

Under the Client Management option,  Some specific skills I can offer can include:
  • Russian English Language translation of marketing material, and business documents on a daily basis.
  • Be your business Virtual Assistant and provide a phone number where everyone can reach you anytime
  • Email to your clients on your behalf
  • Edit any documents, pricing, or costs in Microsoft Excel
  • Provide Internet Research on a subject
  • Russian language administrative support in the EU and UK
  • I can assist in taking care of personal  and work-related matters

With our captioning service, you can expect accurate and perfectly synced Russian captions.

Without the ability to understand your video, Russian – speaking global users won’t discover you, and if they don’t find you, they won’t become your audience. You will attract new customers, expand your audience traffic, and ultimately increase conversions by translating your video content into new languages.

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