We provide Russian Translation Services in Dubai. Our certified interpreter in Dubai speaks three languages, Russian Arabic and English; she translates from Arabic and English into Russian language. Simultaneous and consecutive interpreting service is available in Dubai Area, our clients are mostly business executives who visit exhibitions and forums in Dubai Festival City, and across the United Arab Emirates. Recently, high volumes of Russian-speaking people have moved to the sunny Dubai, a desert emirate where they can live sanctions-free. Russian-speaking people are also credited with enhancing Dubai’s luxury property sector. Oligarchs and other wealthy businesspeople take up multimillion-dollar seaside villas as either a residential place or an investment.

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Translator for an International Property Show in Dubai in February 2023

Our Russian language interpreter who is also fluent in Arabic and English can assist your company at the upcoming Dubai construction exhibition. The event takes place in February 2023. This is the leading platform for buying and selling local and international property and the largest real estate conference in the Middle East. We can prepare marketing materials in Arabic, English, and Russian. For example, we can translate the subtitles and voice over for your corporate video into three languages.


What is the cost of voice-over recording?

I can travel to a media studio in the UK or Europe. The cost is estimated per hour of work and starts at £65 per hour, and the minimum charge is £250 for 4 hours. I am reliable and responsible and can provide interpreting and translation of the text. Moreover, I can help with language fact-checking if needed. In addition, we offer a choice of male Russian voices. Therefore, you can choose either to use female or male artists to voice your text. The artist will pronounce your text in the Russian language or English with a Russian accent. You can change the accent and choose a premium voice to read the text. The cost of voice-over recording work depends on the number of words, text complexity and hours spent. 

Russian Professional Voice-Over and Subtitles in the Russian language

Any Russian or Eastern European accent 

RUSSIAN ENGLISH INTERPRETING FOR Dubai & Abu Dhabi events €300 PER DAY. We can help make YOUR event the most productive and provide Russian English interpreting service and assistance. 
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