Oksana-Russian-English interpreter, translator & business assistant

Oksana is a Russian-English interpreter, translator, and business assistant based in London & Dubai. With more than 13 years of experience, she boasts an impressive record of working with a wide array of clients across various sectors, including corporations, NGOs, government agencies, and diplomatic missions.


Her expertise lies in delivering both simultaneous and consecutive interpretation at numerous political and diplomatic international events. She has collaborated with high-level government officials and business leaders, skillfully interpreting their speeches and discussions with precision and neutrality. Her interpretive skills also extend to meetings, negotiations, conferences, and events in diverse industries like energy, finance, and technology.

Consecutive interpretation for various political and diplomatic international events

In addition to her work as an interpreter and translator, she has also provided comprehensive support to senior executives as a business assistant. Her experience includes arranging meetings, managing schedules, coordinating travel arrangements, and translating legal and financial documents.

Oksana is fluent in Russian and English and assists businesses and individuals on many occasions in London, the UK, Dubai, and United Arab Emirates. She has Russian and British passports and can travel across Europe. She has worked effectively with both commercial and non-profit organizations and has many professional connections across the border. Furthermore, she has received many positive reviews from clients who appreciate her professionalism, attention to detail, and ability to solve complex problems.

Wide range of clients include organizations in the fields of politics, diplomacy, international relations, conflict resolution, human rights, and education

She has worked with a diverse range of clients. Her collaborations include the UKBA, Eurasia Foundation, and the Houses of Parliament. She has also partnered with Chatham House, the GB Centre for Political & Diplomatic Studies, the Britain-Russia Centre, the International Institute for Strategic Studies, and the British Inter-Parliamentary Union (BIPU). Her international work extends to International Alert, Conciliation Resources, and Berghof Conflict Research in Berlin. She has engaged with the Heinrich Boll Stiftung in Berlin and the Austrian Peace Institute in Schlaining, Austria. Her contributions have reached the Carnegie Endowment for International Peace, Swiss peace, and Memoria Abierta in Argentina. She has also collaborated with the Sigrid Rausing Foundation, Article 19, Saferworld, Amnesty International, and the Open Russia Movement.

Studied at Georgia State University, Atlanta, GA in Business Administration and Management, General

During her non-degree program in Business Administration and Management at Georgia State University (1999-2000), her studies focused on several key areas:

  1. Organizational Behavior
  2. Marketing
  3. International Finance

These courses enhanced her critical thinking and problem-solving abilities, crucial for her professional development.

Worked as a university professor in Madrid

In addition to her work as an interpreter and translator, she has also worked as a university professor at GBSB Global Business School, where she taught a dynamic course titled “Doing Business in CIS” for Master’s degree students. The course covered a range of topics, from market analysis and strategy development to cross-cultural communication and negotiation. She demonstrated strong communication and interpersonal skills to effectively engage with a diverse group of students from different backgrounds and cultures.

Highly skilled interpreter with extensive experience in interpreting between Russian and English

  • A skilled interpreter specializing in Russian and English.
  • Known for her adaptability and meticulous attention to detail.
  • Proficient in various interpreting modes: consecutive, simultaneous, and whispered.
  • Her versatility as an interpreter is a standout trait.
  • Strong interpersonal skills and cultural sensitivity.
  • Able to build rapport and establish trust with clients, essential in interpreting.

Oksana has provided interpreting services in various fields, including legal, medical, technical, and business. Her commitment to ongoing professional development and industry knowledge keeps her up-to-date with best practices and trends in interpreting. Overall, Oksana’s expertise, experience, and dedication make her a valuable asset to any interpreting team, particularly for clients seeking interpreting services between Russian and English.

General Business Meeting

For your upcoming business meeting in London, seamless communication and professional engagement are ensured with our top-tier interpreter, who is distinguished by exceptional linguistic skills and a commitment to professionalism. She is available for personal, face-to-face meetings. A successful and efficient meeting is guaranteed when our expert interpreter is booked.

International Business Conference

An enhancement to your international conference in London can be provided by our highly skilled interpreter, known for her remarkable linguistic abilities and professional demeanor. She can be personally present at your venue, ensuring accurate conveyance of your global messages. By booking our distinguished interpreter today, a smooth and engaging conference experience is secured.

Negotiation Meeting

In the delicate dance of business negotiations, where every word counts, clarity and professionalism can be secured by booking our expert interpreter for your next negotiation meeting in London. With outstanding linguistic skills and a polished approach, she is available for face-to-face meetings, assisting in the navigation of complex discussions with ease.

Do you need a Translator for a Face-to-Face Meeting in London

Training Workshop Translation

The effectiveness of your international training workshop in London can be enhanced by the presence of our skilled interpreter. Renowned for her exceptional linguistic talents and professional conduct, she is available for in-person sessions, ensuring that your training material is understood perfectly by all participants. By booking our interpreter today, the effectiveness of your workshop is increased.”

Partnership Meetings

You need clear communication and professional engagement at your next business meeting in London? We will provide you with our top-tier interpreter. Oksana stands out for her exceptional linguistic skills and professionalism, and she’s ready for personal, face-to-face meetings. Book our expert interpreter for a guaranteed successful and efficient meeting.

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