If you consider attending a conference in Switzerland, most likely it will be in English. Therefore, you would need an on-site Russian interpreter. Whether you are in Geneva, Zurich or anywhere in Switzerland, English is spoken in all cantons. The blockchain conference attracted those who have startups in blockchain technologies and also investors from various countries. I have assisted a group of Russian bankers in exploring the best jurisdiction for the Crypto company.

Russian-English interpreting at conference for blockchain investors and founders in Geneva
Russian-English interpreting at a conference for blockchain investors and founders in Geneva

As a part of this assignment, I encountered some new blockchain-related terms in English. For example, asset tokenization, which is in the Russian language токенизация активов.

Professional interpreters in Geneva charge between CHF 80-200 ($85-$215) per hour

The cost of a Russian-English interpreter in Geneva can vary greatly depending on several factors, such as the interpreter’s experience, credentials, and location. On average, professional interpreters in Geneva charge between CHF 80-200 ($85-$215) per hour, with higher rates charged for specialized or technical interpreting services.

Keep in mind that the cost of an interpreter may also depend on the length of the assignment and the specific requirements of the assignment. For example, if an interpreter is needed for a conference or a legal proceeding, the cost may be higher due to the technical expertise required.

It is best to contact several interpreter services or independent interpreters in Geneva to get a more accurate estimate of the cost of their services. You can also ask for references and check the interpreter’s credentials to ensure that they are fully qualified and experienced in the type of interpreting you require.

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