We offer Russian-English consecutive and simultaneous interpreting in various European Locations. Our interpreters work in Europe and the UK. Besides, we provide translation services in LondonGeneva and Paris, where significant conferences and big international events take place throughout the year. All our interpreters have a complete command of English and Russian language, including expressions, specialized vocabulary, various idioms, and colloquialisms.

Interpreting in MIPCOM media conference South of France


In addition, we can present your business and become a trusted advisor to your clients. Besides, I can provide information on your business to 3d parties. We can visit target companies or individuals you select. Again, I can effectively delegate, coordinate and monitor your company’s activities. For example, I can review weekly financial reports for accuracy and proofread business correspondence, marketing texts and other documents. I possess excellent problem-solving skills and the ability to evaluate all the possible solutions for your business.

Interpreting and translating to English in France

Russian/English Client management services Geneva area:

Please, contact me for daily and weekly rates. It may vary according to the administrative Support functionality you want us to perform. Our bilingual translation specialist can provide Russian in-person or Virtual Business Assistance.

Client Management services we offer include Russian – English translation of marketing materials. Moreover, we offer a phone answering service on your Geneva number and a daily review of business documents. Besides, we can correspond to your clients on your behalf, edit documents, and calculate pricing and costs in Microsoft Excel. We also provide Internet Research on various subjects and can assist in taking care of personal and work-related matters.


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