Video Voice Dubbing

During video dubbing, we translate recorded audio files between Russian and English, Russian into Arabic or other combinations. Our team uses a combining software and human verification to do voice-overs in Russian or English. An example of speech-to-text conversion of a Russian-voiced documentary, which has been translated and voiced over in English. Your original script can be translated or localized from the original language into a foreign language.

In house video translation service from / to English, Russian, Hebrew and Arabic languages

We currently perform in house video translation service from / to Russian, English, Hebrew and Arabic languages. Besides, in connection with our sister company we translate video to / from Chinese, German and Portuguese. As the first step in dubbing, we understand the original characters dialogue, and tone of the video before translating or localizing your script into the specified language. You’ll benefit from the latest video subtitling and voice-over technology, as well as from human translators. A quick turnaround, low cost, and excellent quality video translation service. Below is an example of an English language voice over. Our team translated this feature documentary from Russian language into English. 

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