Всемирный экономический форум в Давос


Russian interpreter in Davos, Switzerland available at World Economic Forum (WEF) in Davos. The event takes place each year in January. Besides, we offer professional Russian-English interpreters and part-time Personal Assistant to our clients. Please, contact us anytime for Interpreting services in Davos, Switzerland via +41(0)178696 -1846 tel. or a What’s App.

Generally, our specialists have extensive knowledge of political and social topics.  An interpreter can assist any industry representative or a politician. In additional, to Russian-English interpreting and translation services we provide business assistance.

Russian-English Interpreter in Davos Switzerland. РУССКИЙ ПЕРЕВОДЧИК +41 78696-1846 Tel./What’s App

Russian-English interpreters please contact us via UK number +44(0)7922274952 or a WhatsApp. Approximate rate is €95 per hour or €500 per day. Besides, additional expenses may include accommodation, transportation, entrance tickets, other miscellaneous expenses.

Russian interpreter in Davos Switzerland
Russian interpreter in Davos Switzerland

If you fly to Davos this year, and you need a local Russian – speaking interpreter for accompanying you from the airport.

To choose a Russian-English Interpreter, a lot depends on your trip program. As a rule, an interpreter must be a sociable individual knowledgeable of the area. After the meetings, you might want to visit restaurants, shopping malls and beauty salons. He or she might assist you at social events too.

Other than that, a Russian interpreter in Davos can also help you with social activities. For example, he or she can organise a skiing pass and assist you with restaurants bookings. Davos is famous for its slopes and 2022 skiing season is going to be no exception.

In additional to Davos, we provide Russian – English interpreting services in other Swiss towns.

For example, we work in Zürich,  Geneva and around Geneva Canton, in Basel and Lausanne. Besides, our specialist assist clients in Bern, Winterthur, Lucerne and St. Gallen.

Your trip might be focused on some social activities. We advise you to choose the interpreter who likes history, art and architecture.  Thus, you would need the one who can act not only as an interpreter but also as an area expert. This person will know the most interesting places around Switzerland.  It is essential to decide and discuss working schedule in advance.  Besides, it is also vital to know whether you must be accompanied full day or you plan to use interpretation service occasionally. For interpretation of important business meetings, please provide as many details as possible.

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