Voice Over, Combining technology and human translation for engaging video storytelling

Russian Voice-Over Artist: Add Depth and Authenticity to Your Media Projects

What is the cost of voice-over recording in London Studio?

Russian Professional Voice-Over and Subtitles in the Russian language

We guarantee professional Russian or Eastern European accent. Besides, we provide advanced video subtitling and voice-over done by Russian-speaking human translators. Book Voice Over specialist now: 

Russian Language FEmale Voice-Over & Translation Services in London

A seasoned female professional brings to life the richness of the Russian voice. Whether it’s a news report, documentary, entertainment video, or corporate instruction, her voice adds authenticity and clarity to your content.

Key Service Highlights:

  • Versatility in Delivery: Choose between the evocative tones of native Russian or the unique flair of English spoken with a Russian accent.
  • Convenience of Recording: With a state-of-the-art Adobe Voice-over Studio, services can be provided remotely or in-person, as per project requirements.
  • Range of Applications: Elevate your audiobooks, documentaries, and more with a professional Russian voice.

Embracing the Future with AI: By synergizing human translation with advanced technology, we craft captivating video narratives with perfectly timed AI Russian voice-overs. Whether you need just the audio or a fully edited video, Russian-English.com has you covered.


  • Rate: £5 – £10 per minute, contingent on video complexity.
  • Minimum order: 30-minute video translation.

Entrust your media project with a voice that resonates. Experience the harmony of tradition and technology with our voice-over services.

Are you seeking a professional and versatile voice-over artist with a deep understanding of linguistic nuances? Look no further.

Location Flexibility: I can travel to media studios within the UK and Europe, ensuring convenience and a collaborative environment for our project.

Combining technology and human translation for engaging video storytelling

Pricing Structure:

  • Our cost is estimated on a per-hour basis.
  • Starting rate: £65 per hour.
  • Minimum charge: £250 for a block of 4 hours.

Services Offered:

  1. Voice-Over: With a choice between male and female Russian voices, we offer flexibility to match the tone and mood of your content.
  2. Interpreting & Translation: Expertise in both English and Russian allows for accurate interpretation and translation of texts.
  3. Language Fact-Checking: Ensure the authenticity and accuracy of your content with our language fact-checking service.
  4. Accent Choices: Opt for genuine Russian pronunciation or English with a distinctive Russian accent. Premium voice options are also available for an elevated auditory experience.

Factors Determining Cost: The final cost for voice-over recording work is contingent upon:

  • Word count.
  • Text complexity.
  • Total hours dedicated to the project.

Why Choose Us? Reliability, responsibility, and precision are the hallmarks of our service. Whether you’re producing a commercial, an educational video, or any media content, our linguistic expertise ensures your message is conveyed clearly and authentically.

For inquiries or to discuss potential collaborations, please reach out to us at [email protected]

For Russian, English, and other language combinations, we provide cost-effective and high-quality voice-over services. Our team can apply effective voice over your video weather you need it for a feature film, a documentary or a YouTube post. By combining technology and human translation, we can create an engaging video story by adding a well-timed Russian voice-over. Suppose you want to create a corporate training explainer video. This is an example of how it may sound:, a video below is voiced over by an AI human but checked for many minor voice flips by our translator. Besides, professional subtitles to your video in combinations of language pairs, which includes Russian, for example Russian – Arabic and Russian – Hebrew, Russian – English and vice versa.

RUSSIAN ENGLISH INTERPRETING FOR Dubai & Abu Dhabi events €300 PER DAY. We can help make YOUR event the most productive and provide Russian English interpreting service and assistance. 

Russian speakers or specialist voice actors can deliver Russian voice-overs from a script or read from a script.

Additional information about your video through voice over and subtitles

Elevate Your Video Content with Multilingual Subtitles and Voice-Overs

In today’s globalized digital landscape, language is paramount. Whether it’s Russian, English, Arabic, or any other foreign language, subtitles enrich your video’s metadata. By integrating voice-overs and subtitles in multiple languages – say, Arabic or Russian – you not only present your content more professionally but also give it a competitive edge in search engine rankings.

Why? Because voice-over information, when read as subtitles, functions as metadata and marketing keywords online. It’s organic promotion at its finest.

By capitalizing on voice-overs and multilingual subtitles, you can effectively amplify your company’s message across borders and audiences. Want to see our expertise in action? Here’s a sample reel showcasing how we advertise our English translation services.

From Russian to English and Arabic, Spanish, German

Enhance your video content with captivating Russian voice-overs.

Get started with our voice-over services at an unbeatable rate of just £55 per hour of work, providing you with cost-effective solutions for your video projects.

The cost of voice-over services can vary depending on several factors, including the length of the video, the complexity of the script, the language combination, the experience and reputation of the voice-over artist, and the specific requirements of the project.

In general, voice-over services are often priced based on the length of the finished audio.

A common approach is to charge per word or per minute of the final audio. Rates can range from a few cents per word or per minute to higher rates for more experienced voice-over artists or specialized languages.

Озвучка текста на английском и синхронизация текста в видео с помощью AI

Преобразуйте текст в натуральную речь с помощью API, работающего на базе технологий искусственного интеллекта. Наш сервис использует передовые технологии AI, чтобы ваш текст звучал естественно и профессионально. Это идеальное решение для синхронизации речи с видео, создания аудиокниг, обучающих материалов и многого другого.

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