Facilitating communication between the Russian speaking specialist providing Cosmetic Beauty Training and the English-speaking trainees. During the training, I was responsible for interpreting instructions given by the Russian specialist, as well as any questions or concerns raised by the trainees. It involved interpreting technical terminology related to the meical and cosmetic procedure, as well as explaining any potential risks or complications.

This masterclass took place in November 2021 in London.

The teacher came from Moscow to educate on an innovative technique for enhancing lips with fillers. Microcannula technique: This technique involved using a blunt-tipped microcannula instead of a needle to inject the filler. The microcannula minimizes bruising and swelling and provides a more natural-looking result. Effects last from several months to a year or more, depending on the specific product and the person’s metabolism. A Russian-speaking medical professional performs the cosmetic procedure.

Russian – English interpreting during lips augmentation cosmetic training in London

As a Russian-English Interpreter in a London beauty training salon during injecting lip fillers, my job involved facilitating communication between the Russian specialist providing the training and the English-speaking trainees. Most of the participants did not speak Russian.

Interpreting technical terminology related to the cosmetic procedure

In additional, I also conveyed cultural and linguistic nuances between Russian and English language to ensure that both the specialist and the trainees fully understand each other. It required not only fluency in both languages but also a deep understanding of the cultural and linguistic differences between the two.

Overall, my job as a Russian-English interpreter in the context was to ensure effective communication between all parties involved in the training, allowing the trainees to learn the procedure safely and effectively from the Russian specialist.











Lips augmentation beauty training took place in London in November 2021. If you come to a training centre for medical courses and need a Russian-English interpreter, I will assist. Here are photos from an actual interpreting job as a Cosmetic Beauty Training Interpreter.

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  • Russian Interpreting in London, UK
Russian-English translation for a beauty training in London

Therefore, I provided Russian – English interpreting during lips augmentation cosmetic training in London. The interpreting and translation service for a Beauty, Skincare or Cosmetic therapy seminar is £270 to £330 per day. Assuming the event is within the London city area, we do not charge a client a transportation fee. Interpreter for a Cosmetic Training such as this one, a Lip Augmentation Cosmetic Course lasted one full day. It is approximately eight to ten hours. The course took place in the north London clinic.  


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