We provide  Russian-English instant translation copy of your own birth certificate. The copy will be signed by one of our certified translators. It will have a following note at the end of the document:

I, _______________________________certify that I am competent to translate from Russian  to English. The above translation of the original ‘’Birth Certificate” is a complete and accurate translation to the best of my knowledge and belief.

CERTIFIED TRANSLATION of a Birth certificate from Russian into English.

Any official document translations from Russian into English and vice versa will be verified, certified and come with a statement of truth. In legal procedures, for example, this is essential. Therefore, in the court, a party may not trust a document offered as a testimony unless the translation is accompanied by a statement of truth.

Переводчик на конференции в Швейцарии. в Женеве, в Цюрихе и других городах.

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