We provide  Russian-English instant translation copy of your own birth certificate. The copy will be signed by one of our certified translators. It will have a following note at the end of the document:

I, _______________________________certify that I am competent to translate from Russian  to English. The above translation of the original ‘’Birth Certificate” is a complete and accurate translation to the best of my knowledge and belief.

CERTIFIED TRANSLATION of a Birth certificate document from Russian into English.

Any official document translations from Russian into English and vice versa will be verified, certified and come with a statement of truth. In legal procedures, for example, this is essential. Therefore, in the court, a party may not trust a document offered as a testimony unless the translation is accompanied by a statement of truth.

Переводчик на конференции в Швейцарии. в Женеве, в Цюрихе и других городах.

CERTIFIED TRANSLATION OF A BIRTH CERTIFICATE DOCUMENT takes about 1one to two days. We usually send an original translation back to you by post and simultaneously send a scanned copy of the document via email.

Russian English translation buro we work on the translation of various documents including educational diplomas. Besides we transfer school graduate certificates and any attachments any document has.

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