Rates for Russian-English in-person interpretation vary based on type, location and hours booked. The average hour is from €35 per hour to €55 per hour. Court and Legal interpreters are priced higher because an interpreter has to look into the legal documents beforehand. Usually, professional translators require special certificates and judges permissions to perform the job. Thus, in the United Kingdom, Legal Russian-English consecutive interpreters charge £60 + per hour. Additionally, the price depends on the location. As an example, Russian Native English interpreters in Switzerland charge the most. As a result, their work cost about €300/ half a day (4 hours) and more (for daily assignment). Whether you need a court interpreter or a bilingual Russian English assistant for an exhibition, we would be happy to assist you. Our company will provide the best matching professional in your required location.


Please note that if you are looking for an online meeting and need virtual assistance, we will assign you an interpreter available for your hours. For the online conference, an interpreter connects via Zoom, Skype, or any other platform. Online interpreting is a demanding task and requires about 1-2 hours of preparation, depending on your topic. The preparation time goes into reviewing your topic and connecting to the meeting platform of your choice. Thus, online meeting cost is two hours of interpreting work minimum. We estimate that it takes about half a day to assist one online meeting, thus it equals at least to 200 Euros.

If you order a translation of a document…

For example, an instruction or a manual for your company, we will look into the complexity of a file and estimate per page and per word. At times per word, the estimate does not work because of the file contents tables and figures. We are, therefore, happy to receive your assignments via email and give you an estimate.

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