Telephone remote Russian-English Translator

We provide telephone and remote Russian-English translators anytime over Skype, WhatsApp, Zoom and any other means of communication. Our Russian — English Call Interpreters offer accurate interpretation for you. It is suitable for individual or business purposes. To order this service, please, provide us with the date and time of your call. Please, mention in which country and time zone you are now. We will have to take into consideration the time difference between countries.

TELEPHONE RUSSIAN-ENGLISH TRANSLATOR rate depends on the complexity of the topic. Currently it stands at about £45 per hour with 2 hours minimum order

A telephone or remote Russian-English interpreter is an important assignment. It is helpful if an interpreter, by any circumstance, is unable to attend your meeting or conference. Besides, a remote interpreting service is beneficial in an urgent situation. Similarly, it is a solution for any unforeseen event.

Russian-English team preserves the anonymity of our clients if necessary.

Besides, in Russian English, we offer consecutive and simultaneous Russian-English interpreting for conferences and events all over the world. In additional to remote services, our professional work in face-to-face meetings. We help our clients in a myriad of Eu countries. For example, we offer Russian to English Interpreter in  Switzerland.

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