Russian-English consecutive Interpreting

I provide Russian –English consecutive Interpreting in Moscow on a variety of subjects. The process is that me, as an interpreter sitting with the delegates in the conference room, listen to the Russian speaker and render the speech.  After the speaker has finished I deliver the speech in the English language, generally with the aid of notes.

Recently consecutive interpreting has been substituted by English- Russian simultaneous interpreting. Consecutive interpreting remains relevant for highly technical meetings, specialized field trips, certain kinds of meetings, scientific working lunches, small groups.

As an experienced RUSSIAN-ENGLISH CONSECUTIVE interpreter and well-trained professional, I can render speeches of 10 minutes or more accurately.

I work with a variety of industries,

e.g. interpreting from Russian to English for Construction industry where special terminology on Construction, Engineering, and Architecture is required.  I also often translate for oil and gas industry, where delegate speaks on Seismic activities, Oil Exploration,


Drilling and Petrochemical Production. Whether you need English to Russian or Russian to English translations I can provide it in Moscow or anywhere in Russia and make visiting Russia efficient and productive.

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