Rates English-Russian language translation and Interpreting

Rates English-Russian language translation and Interpreting

We estimate Cost of subtitles TRANSLATION FROM RUSSIAN INTO ENGLISH per word.

We provide interpreting in various European Locations.  For example, in London, where major conferences and big international events take place throughout the year.

Level, a complete command of English and Russian language, including expressions, vocabulary, various idioms, and colloquialisms.

Rates English-Russian language interpreter
Rates English-Russian language interpreter

At the moment we can provide Russian English Interpreting Services all over Europe. We usually available on Short notice.  But if you require an Interpreter in a remote town or a city, please contact us in advance because of the traveling arrangements. Usually, a Russan-English qualified interpreter has to earn at least €300 per day.

This rate stands for consecutive oral translations for a small group of people with breaks in time. Therefore, if you need a consecutive interpreter for a conference the rate starts from €500.

We must stress, that conference translation is a  highly intensive work and if you are looking for a professional interpreter, you might need to hire two people who change each other every 30 minutes.

These rates are effective for translation and Interpreting services in Europe.
Language Pair 
Average rates per word
Average rates per hour



(based on 8-10 hours work)

English to Russian0.10/wd0.08/wd40/hour35/hour


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