Rates English-Russian language translation and Interpreting

We offer competitive rates for English-Russian language translation and Interpreting.Russian-English Translation company provides consecutive and simultaneous interpreting in various European Locations. Our interpreters work in Europe and the UK, for example, in London, Geneva, Zurich and Paris.

As a rule, our interpreters travel to work at significant conferences and big international events which take place throughout the year in Europe.

Professionals who work with us have a complete command of English and Russian language. Professional vocabulary includes language expressions, specialised vocabulary, various idioms, and colloquialisms. Below you will find our Rates for English-Russian language translation and Interpreting.

At the moment we can provide Russian – English Interpreting services all over Europe on short notice. In case you require an Interpreter in a remote town, please contact us beforehand. It is ideal to have advance notice for some travelling logistics.

Usually, a Russian-English qualified interpreter has to earn at least €300 per day.  This quote stands for consecutive oral translations for a small group of people. Besides, you an interpreting is an intensive mind work and a professional interpreter would need  some breaks in interpreting time.

Therefore, if you need a simultaneous interpreter for a conference, the rate starts from €500 per day. It is important to understand that conference translation is highly intensive work. Thus, if you are looking for a professional interpreter, you might need to hire two people. These two interpreters will change each other every 30 minutes. In additional, you would need a set of equipment connecting the audience and interpreters both.

Below we publish rates effective for translation & Interpreting services in Europe

Language Pair 
rates per word
Interpreting per hour
 StandardMinimumStandardPer hour minimum 
English – Russian translation 0.15/wordEuro0.09/word40/hour35/hour

As part of Russian-English translation Services we offer specialised interpreting in various cities across Europe. including U.K. and Switzerland.

  • Russian – English Translator for Film and TV industry
  • English – Russian language Translator
  • Interpreting in Europe from Russian into English language
  • Online Russian – English translation
  • Phone Interpreting from Russian language into English language
  • Legal Russian-English Interpreter
  • Simultaneous interpreting for conferences in Europe
  • Consecutive Russian – English Interpreting
  • Business Interpreter
  • Medical Russian-English Interpreter