Russian – English is a professional and registered company whose aim is to provide high standard Linguistic services in Europe and the United Kingdom.

Linguistic services provide interpreting and translation for various industries, for example, confidential Business interpreting. Besides, we interpret and translate for the agricultural industry, architecture, automatic equipment and robotics, automotive industry and more.

Linguistic services in Europe and the United Kingdom: Russian – English Interpreter and translator

Russian language interpreter in the United Kingdom. Linguistic services in Switzerland.

Chemistry and chemical technologies | Cinema and television | Commerce | Construction, construction equipment | Finance and credit | Textile industry | Equipment and technologies |  Film and cinema interpreting

Here we present some of our Swiss-based interpreters and translators:

Oxana Selekhova, Russian English Interpreter

Oxana Selekhova is a Russian English Interpreter in Switzerland. Her work includes five years of interpreting and translation experience in England. Besides, she translated and interpreted for five years for political, social and economic events across Europe. She is an accurate translator and interpreter and excels at self-revision. She has knowledge of a broad range of subjects. It includes but not limited to political, social, legal, financial, and technical expertise. In addition, she acquired a lot of practice with on-screen subtitle translation and voice-over in Russian and English languages for various news companies.

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