We provide professional face-to-face interpretation services for financial and business meetings in Canary Wharf. Our Russian – English translation agency employs certified interpreters with experience in business and finance. As Canary Wharf is a highly commercial and busy area, we offer in-person interpretation services because some meetings require direct contact. Our Language Bureau is a London-based interpreting and translation agency that provides interpreting services to law firms, financial institutions, medical professionals, businesses, and administrative agencies. Businesses and individuals in Canary Wharf, Southeast London, can benefit from our interpreting services. We charge approximately £50 per hour, with a minimum order of four hours, which constitutes half a day.

Face to Face interpreter in Canary Wharf, Southeast London

Canadian real estate magnate Paul Reichmann provided most of the capital for the development of Canary Wharf. As a result of meeting with various members of London’s business community in 1987, he identified a need for modern office space.


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