Discover Zurich, the heart of Switzerland’s dynamic business landscape 💼, where corporate excellence meets natural splendor. This lively city is a hub for a diverse range of professional events and conferences, buzzing with opportunities. Amidst its urban vibrancy, don’t miss the prestigious Zurich Film Festival 🎥, an emblematic event blending business acumen with cultural richness, held at the renowned Zurich Film Festival Hall, Bellevue, 8001 Zurich

📞 Need a Russian-English interpreter in Zurich 🇨🇭 or across Switzerland?

Whether it’s a last-minute meeting or a planned event, our skilled interpreters are just a call away. Book with ease and confidence, ideally with a 48-hour notice, to guarantee the best service for your needs. Connect with us today and make every interaction in Zurich not just understood, but truly impactful.Their approach is a fusion of meticulous skill, adaptive thinking, and a deep appreciation for Swiss tourism, business, and culture. Our qualified Interpreter provides simultaneous Russian – English interpretation in Zurich. We also work in many other cities and towns across Switzerland.

Announcement: Russian-English Interpreter Services at Zurich Events in 2024

We are excited to announce that our skilled Russian-English interpreter will be providing professional language support at a series of prominent trade fairs and business exhibitions in Zurich throughout 2024. This service is ideal for businesses, professionals, and attendees who require seamless communication between Russian and English at these events. Here are the key events where our interpreter will be available:

  1. Fespo (Feb 1-4): The largest holiday and travel fair in Zurich.
  2. VeggieWorld (Mar 9-10): Dedicated to the vegan lifestyle.
  3. Giardina (Mar 13-17): Focusing on landscaping and garden design.
  4. Wohga Winterthur (Mar 21-24): A prime exhibition for housing and garden.
  5. STONE WORLDS (Mar 23-24): An international mineral trade show.
  6. HR Festival (Mar 26-27): For Human Resource Development, Training, and E-Learning.
  7. Expovina Primavera (Apr 4-11): An International Wine & Spirits Fair.
  8. Art3f International Contemporary Art Fair (Apr 26-28)

Starting from May 2024 Interpreter avalabe at the following Swiss events:

  1. Tech Job Fair Switzerland (TJF Switzerland) (May 2).
  2. Cycle Week (May 23-26): Automotive industry-focused event.
  3. CannaTrade CH (May 24-26): Exhibition on Cannabis, CBD, and related sectors.
  4. Powertage Expo (Jun 4-6): Swiss electricity industry exhibition.
  5. Salon PPS Zurich (Jun 5-6): Specializing in Banking, Finance, IT & Technology.
  6. Swiss Art Expo (Aug 21-25): Arts & Crafts focus.
  7. Automation And Electronics Show (Aug 28-29): Industrial automation and communication.
  8. UNITED PROPERTY EXPO (Apr 26-27): International exhibition of overseas property.
  9. Bildungsmesse (May 23-25): Professional development trade fair.
  10. BeautyExpo (May 26): Swiss beauty sector fair.

In Summer 2024 our professional interpreters from Russian to English and German are covering the following events:

  1. Powertage (Jun 4-6): Meeting place for the Swiss electricity industry.
  2. Börsentag (Aug 24): Fair for investors and professionals.
  3. maintenance Schweiz (Aug 28-29): Industrial maintenance and facility management.
  4. all about automation (Aug 28-29): Industrial automation fair.
  5. Building and modernize (Sep 19-22): New construction, renovation, housing, and lifestyle.
  6. ZURICH POP CON & Game Show (Oct 5-6): For movie, game, comic, and cosplay enthusiasts.
  7. CareFair (Oct 22-24): Job fair for health professions.
  8. IFAS (Oct 22-24): Trade fair for the health market.
  9. precura (Oct 25-27): Health fair for prevention and health promotion.
  10. expo-50plus (Oct 25-27): Exhibition on provision, health, and leisure in old age.
  11. Career Fair (Berufsmesse) (Nov 19-23): Focused on career and training.
  12. Swiss Corporate Fashion: Focused on workwear, textile leasing, and textile management (Dates to be announced).

Our interpreter’s presence at these events will ensure that language barriers do not impede business dealings, learning opportunities, and networking. Please feel free to contact us for booking and further information.

In case of a simultaneous interpreting at big events, we expect longer notice period. Ideally, we need some information on the topic, conference sessions calendar and some speakers note where possible. Anything you can provide at this point in relation to the event might be of a help to an interpreter. Even though many of our specialist are multi purposed, some conferences and symposiums require preparation. For example, an interpreter may consider reviewing Russian and English vocabulary on a subject.


Our experienced language specialists work for various clients and events. It includes major international exhibitions and festivals in Zurich.  Please contact us if you require a Russian language assistant anywhere across Switzerland. They assisted at confidential business meetings and at various private functions. 

In the midst of its metropolitan buzz, Zurich also hosts the esteemed annual Zurich Film Festival 🎥, a notable event in the cultural diary.

Located at the prestigious Zurich Film Festival Hall in Bellevue, 8001 Zurich, this event epitomizes the city’s flair for merging business with culture. Our Russian interpreters in Switzerland are not just linguistically adept; they embody the Swiss spirit of precision, innovation, and excellence in business 🌐.


If you would like to book an interpreter and require his or her CV or client’s recommendations, we would be happy to provide necessary information where possible. 

Besides, Russian – English team of interpreters can assist you in Geneva. We also work in many other towns across Switzerland and nearby France.

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